Ruipu Energy Co., Ltd. New Energy Industry Base Project settled in Longwan, Wenzhou

Time:2021 04 23



On April 23rd, the signing ceremony of Ruipu Energy Co., Ltd. New Energy Industry Base Project was held in Wenzhou. The secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee CHEN Weijun and other leaders of relevant municipal departments and the Chairman of the Board of Tsingshan Industry XIANG Guangda and other relevant leaders witnessed together. REPT New Energy Industry Base Project is the city’s first single manufacturing project with an investment of more than 30 billion yuan. By adopting the latest industrialization technology of power and energy storage lithium-ion battery, and combining with intelligent manufacturing technology, we will build a high-end power and energy storage lithium-ion battery production base with technology-leading to meet the requirements of mass production. The lithium battery system manufacturing industry base will complete the investment in 2026, and it will be fully put into operation in 2027. The planned capacity is 100GWh and the planned total investment is about 30 billion yuan. After reaching the capacity, the total output value of REPT Wenzhou Manufacturing Base will exceed 100 billion yuan and the annual tax is estimated to be about 4 billion yuan; the annual output value of the upstream and downstream supporting industrial parks is expected to reach 50 billion yuan, and the annual tax revenue is about 1.8 billion yuan.